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UTI Downloads

Wales QI-UTI – Prophylaxis User Guide (3b) (PDF, 527Kb)
Wales Quality Improvement UTI Overview v2.0 (PDF, 565Kb)

Wales QI-UTI – Prophylaxis (3a) (PDF, 321Kb)
Primary Care Empirical Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Guidelines - All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) (PDF, 476Kb)

Wales QI-UTI – Indication (2) (PDF, 247Kb)
Wales QI-UTI – Catheter (1) (PDF, 373Kb)
Wales Qi-UTI – MSU after treatment failure (4) (PDF, 86Kb)
Association of Continence Advisors (ACA) – provision of containment products in Adults (2017) (PDF, 478Kb)

NHS England – excellence in continence (PDF, 626Kb)
Welsh Decision aid for suspected urinary tract infection (UTI) in older and frail people - Long Term Care Homes) (PDF, 227Kb)

08 May 2019
National Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections in NHS Hospitals in England – EPIC3 (PDF, 488Kb)
Welsh Guidance Unplanned Admissions (PDF, 6.2Mb)

Patient Catheter Passport for Wales (English Version) (PDF, 820Kb)
Patient Catheter Passport for Wales (Welsh Version) (PDF, 418Kb)
Hydration in Care Homes (A practical resource pack to support the hydration of care home residents)- University West London (PDF, 3.5Mb)
All Wales Catering and Nutritional Standards – Wales (PDF, 465Kb)
Top Tips for Preventing Dehydration Poster– Infection Prevention Society (PDF, 165Kb)

It all Starts with a Glass of Water Poster – Infection Prevention Society (PDF, 38Kb)
'UTI 9' – Poster provided by BCUHB (PDF, 6.0Mb)