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Supporting your Mental Health and Wellbeing during the pandemic

Published: 18 December 2020

A new campaign has been launched to signpost people to sources of support to help their mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mental Health Improvement Cymru is a dedicated page that highlights the telephone support that is available, along with NHS approved courses that can help individuals cope at home.

The campaign is delivered primarily through social media and digital advertising, targeting those who are most likely to need mental health and wellbeing support.

Dr Julie Bishop, Director of Health Improvement, Public Health Wales, said: “This has been a challenging year for most of us.

“The restrictions which have been put in place to limit the spread of Coronavirus have had an effect on all aspects of our lives.  As a result people may be experiencing stress or worry about jobs or money as well as missing the time they spend with friends and family and the other things we normally do that help us to cope.

“Feeling down about the pandemic is normal, but for some people the negative thoughts and feelings are harder to shake off. 

“Help is available through free, NHS-approved, online courses which help people learn how to cope with their feelings, while allowing them to complete the course at their own pace in their own home.

Talking about how you are feeling is also very important which is why we have signposting to a variety of helplines that can offer advice or a friendly ear.”

The campaign also helps people to spot the signs that their mental health and wellbeing may be suffering.

Some of the signs might be that:
•    You are irritable and easily agitated
•    You find it difficult to sleep
•    You may be tearful for no good reason
•    You may be feeling anxious or worried all of the time
•    You may not enjoy the things you normally do

If you are worried that you may not be able to keep yourself safe or worried that someone else may need urgent help you should contact your GP or call 999 for expert help.

Staying physically well and staying connected with others can also have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Find ideas on our How Are you Doing pages. 

Helping others is a great way to help yourself feel better.

Share this story or the web page Mental Health Cymru today, It may just be the help someone needs.