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Putting things right 2019-20: How we dealt with complaints and complements.

Published: 12 March 2021

In 2019-20, Public Health Wales investigated 52 formal complaints under our Putting Things Right procedure, a small decrease of seven from 59 last year. 

During 2019/20 we received 82 ‘on the spot’ complaints which is a small increase compared to 2018/19. We encourage our staff to deal with ‘on the spot’ complaints whenever it is appropriate. It is important that we capture both compliments and complaints.

Gay Reynolds, Governance and General Manager in the Quality, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals division of Public Health Wales said:

“Public Health Wales recognises the value in the effective management of complaints and the subsequent organisational learning that supports the development and improvement of services, functions and programmes.  We therefore welcome opportunities to learn from people’s experiences, good or bad.”

The majority of feedback received by Public Health Wales comes from our Screening Division, which deals directly with the public. In 2019-20 our Screening Division screened 642,000 participants.

The ratio of concerns received by the Screening Division in comparison to the number of individuals screened is approximately 1 for every 13,375 individuals screened and represents just 0.007% of screening activity.

Public Health Wales also received over 2066 compliments from members of the public and service users from across the organisation demonstrating a 15:1 ratio of compliments to complaints.

The majority of compliments submitted thanked members of staff at our Screening Division with the feedback received complimenting the positive attitude and professionalism of our staff, along with positive feedback about the service and the timeliness of results.

Public Health Wales is always striving to improve the services we offer. If you have any feedback on any of our services, good or bad, we encourage you to email: 

Click here to view the report:

Putting Things Right Annual Report 2019-2020