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Public Health Wales launches 'Resources for Sustainable Health'

Published: 11 July 2022

Public Health Wales has launched a new, free, e-catalogue to help teams and individuals working in the public sector, to reduce their impact on the environment and climate change, and encourage sustainable behaviour in both their work and home life. 

All public bodies in Wales have a duty to work towards the requirements of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and this new resource clearly explains the links between each publication and the goals. 

Rebecca Masters, Consultant in Public Health said ‘There is a vast array of resources out there to support action on sustainable development which can be hard to navigate.  This e-catalogue is a great one stop shop of resources that we hope individuals, teams and organisations will find useful in delivering their commitment to sustainable development.” 

The e-catalogue is part of ongoing work by the Health and Sustainability Hub at public Health Wales and gives a short summary and explanation of resources which support and encourage individuals, teams and organisations to take action to improve ways of working and living and look after the health and well-being of people and planet. The aim is to provide a useful, quick summary so that people can decide what they want to read for interest and to support them with taking practical actions. 

Some of the resources identified are aimed at individual or team level, some at organisation, national, or international policy level. There are useful links to other information, organisations and resources.  

The catalogue can be downloaded, free of charge, via the link below: