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Public Health Wales improves surveillance of winter respiratory viruses by testing Coronavirus samples

Published: 28 January 2022

Public Health Wales, in conjunction with Welsh Government, is rolling out improvements to its surveillance of winter respiratory viruses. 

From January 2022, PCR samples tested for Coronavirus in NHS Wales labs can also be tested for influenza (flu) or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Those individuals who test positive for either flu or RSV will receive a text message, separately to their Coronavirus result text, informing them of the result.

Advice on the action to be taken following a positive flu or RSV result can be provided by accessing the advice from Public Health Wales at or

Dr Robin Howe, National Clinical Lead for Microbiology at Public Health Wales, said:

“The platforms that are used to test samples for Coronavirus can also test for a number of viruses, including flu and RSV.  This enables us to monitor the spread of these viruses through the winter in Wales.

“Giving people the confirmation that they have flu or RSV rather than Covid-19 will mean that they are able to access the care that they need more easily, as well as protecting other people by staying away from them.”