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Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme accepting applications

Published: 26 August 2021

The registration scheme enables practitioners from across the public health workforce to recognise their skills and knowledge. 

The scheme allows practitioners to become registered with the UK Public Health Register – a recognition of their core knowledge and skills. To become registered, practitioners are required to complete a portfolio which demonstrates their knowledge, understanding and application against the practitioner standards.
Kelly McFadyen, Learning and Development Manager said:
“We have some great practitioners working within Public Health Wales and joining the UK Public Health Register allows them to consolidate their skills and knowledge and to be professionally recognised.
“I would encourage any practitioner interested in joining to read our web pages to find out more and contact colleagues who have already completed the scheme to find out what it entails.”
Registration for the scheme is open from today and will close on 24 September 2021. The scheme is open to all practitioners working in a public health setting in Wales.
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Read more about Practitioner Registration on our page or UKPHR website