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How to maximise opportunities to improve health and wellbeing in disadvantaged communities: a practical toolkit for public bodies to implement the Socio-economic Duty

Published: 6 June 2023

Public Health Wales has published a toolkit to help other public bodies in Wales to maximise opportunities that the Socio-Economic Duty offers, in order to improve the health outcomes for people across Wales who experience socio-economic disadvantage. 

Most public bodies in Wales, including local health boards, county and county borough councils, and Welsh ministers, as well as Public Health Wales, have a legal responsibility to “give due regard to the need to reduce the inequalities of outcome resulting from socio-economic disadvantage”. 

Public Health Wales’ guide, “Maximising opportunities for health and wellbeing for people and communities experiencing socio-economic disadvantage: A guide to using the socio-economic duty in policy and practice in Wales”, is designed to ensure that public bodies are able to utilise the powerful levers of the duty most effectively, and to make a tangible difference to communities in areas of deprivation. 

The toolkit covers areas which include a description of what the duty actually is, the impact of socio-economic disadvantage on equality of outcome, the need for strong and visible leadership, and practical checklists so that organisations can embed the duty into their systems and processes. 

Professor Jo Peden, Consultant of Public Health, at the  World Health Organization Collaboration Centre for Public Health Wales, said:

“This toolkit is a really useful, practical guide which will enable public bodies in Wales to utilise the Socio-Economic Duty most effectively. 

“The guide contains practical tips, so it offers public bodies the opportunity to embed the duty into their whole approach and to make real change – so it is not just a box-ticking exercise, but adds real value to the communities we serve.” 

Socio-Economic Duty from Policy Admin on Vimeo.

The toolkit can be downloaded here: