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Forthcoming changes to the way we publish Coronavirus information

Published: 18 February 2022

Public Health Wales is making some changes to the way we publish information on our website and data dashboard.

Starting on 19 February, we will be updating our Coronavirus data dashboard on weekdays only. 

The headline figures reported on social media will also only be posted on weekdays.

Dr Chris Williams, Consultant Epidemiologist for Public Health Wales, said:

“As Public Health Wales returns to more ‘business as usual’ operations, we are bringing our Coronavirus data dashboard more into line with the routine reporting of other communicable diseases.

“Our surveillance team will retain the ability to ramp back up to more frequent reporting if necessary.”

The headline numbers published on Tuesdays will therefore include 72 hours-worth of data.

The Public Health Wales dashboard is intended as a rapid reporting tool to provide the best and most up-to-date information, which is subject to ongoing data reconciliation.  Official statistics relating to Coronavirus in Wales are published by the Office for National Statistics.