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Policies and Procedures

This page has Public Health Wales policies and procedures. Information about the development and approval of policies is available for Public Health Wales staff on the intranet.

All Wales policies & procedures are developed and agreed on an all Wales basis to apply to all NHS Wales staff. 

Human Resources

Adverse Weather Conditions / Transport Disruption Policy Approved in February 2017

Annual Leave and Bank Holiday Policy Approved in October 2011

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme March 2016

Breastfeeding Guidelines March 2018

Capability Policy (NHS Wales) July 2018

Death in Service Guidelines May 2018

Dignity at Work Process (NHS Wales) December 2015

Disciplinary Policy (NHS Wales) July 2017

Employing Ex Offenders and People with a Criminal Record Policy October 2009

Employment Break Policy (NHS Wales) July 2017

Employment Reference Guidance Notes October 2009

Exit Interview Policy October 2009

Flexible Working Policy May 2016

Grievance Policy (NHS Wales) April 2016

Managing Attendance at Work Policy (NHS Wales)

Managing Checks for Eligible NHS Staff Policy

Managing Personal Relationships at Work Protocol May 2018

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity / Maternity Support, Shared Parental Leave and IVF Policy July 2018

Medical Appraisal Policy July 2012

Menopause Policy (NHS Wales) February 2019

My Contribution Policy  April 2018

NHS Injury Allowance Guidelines May 2018

Organisational Change Policy (NHS Wales) February 2019

Pay Progression Policy (NHS Wales) July 2017

Procedure for Dealing with Professional Conduct / Competence for Medical Staff 

Procedure for NHS Staff to Raise Concerns (NHS Wales) January 2018

Recruiting Locum Doctors Policy October 2009

Recruitment and Selection Policy July 2018

Recruitment and Retention Payment Protocol (NHS Wales) July 2017

Redeployment Policy April 2017

Redundancy Policy July 2017

Registration Policy for Health Professionals January 2019

Relocation Expenses Scheme October 2018

Religious Observation Guidelines May 2018

Reserve Forces Training and Mobilisation Policy (NHS Wales) April 2016

Retirement Procedure February 2017

Secondment Policy (NHS Wales) April 2016

Special Leave Policy (NHS Wales) January 2015

Statutory and mandatory Training Policy July 2017

Stress, Prevention of and Management of Mental Well-being Policy March 2017

Substance Use and Misuse Policy January 2017

Supporting Learning and Development Policy October 2018

Transitioning at Work Guidance June 2018

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) Procedure May 2018

Voluntary Early Release Scheme September 2012

Information Governance, Information Management and Technology

Information Governance Policy (NHS Wales) January 2019

Email Use Policy (NHS Wales) January 2019

Information Security Policy (NHS Wales) January 2019

Internet Use Policy (NHS Wales) January 2019

National Intelligent Integrated Audit Solution Procedure June 2017

Privacy Impact Assessment Procedure January 2018

Release of Information Procedure January 2018

Remote Working Procedure May 2018

Small Numbers Publishing Guidance July 2017

Risk Management, Health and Safety, and Estates

Alerts and Safety Notices Policy January 2019

Asbestos Management Procedure January 2019

Bomb Threat or Suspect Packages Procedure May 2017

Claims Management Policy January 2017

Code of Contractors Procedure March 2018

Concerns, Complaints and Claims Handling (Putting Things Right Policy) September 2018

Control of Substances hazardous to Health Guidance January 2019

(Reporting) Damage or Loss to Personal Property Policy March 2013

Display Screen Equipment Policy March 2015

Disposal of Obsolete and Surplus Equipment, Vehicles, Furniture and Consumables Procedure May 2018

Environmental Policy October 2009

Fire Safety Policy December 2017

First Aid and Provision of First Aid Equipment Procedure April 2018

Health and Safety Policy March 2018

Incident Reporting Policy June 2013

Lone Worker Procedure April 2018

Moving and Handling Procedure April 2018

Mobile Phone Policy October 2009

Personal Protective Equipment Procedure January 2019

Radiation Safety Policy October 2018

Risk Management Policy June 2017

Security Procedure May 2017

Smoke Free Environment Procedure January 2019

Statutory and Mandatory Training July 2017

Management of Violence and Aggression Policy October 2009

Waste Management Policy December 2017

Water Management Policy December 2017

Infection control and Clinical Governance

Alerts and Safety Notices - Procedure for Receipt and Dissemination April 2016

Consent to Examination, Screening or Intervention Policy May 2017

Decontamination Policy January 2013

Environmental Cleanliness Policy July 2013

Outbreak management Policy April 2014

Ionising Radiation Safety Policy October 2016

Infection Control Policy January 2013

Latex Policy October 2009

Management and Control of Legionella Policy

Medical Devices and Equipment Management Policy December 2018

Medicines Management Policy and Code of Practice January 2013

Transmission Based Precautions Policy October 2009

Uniform / Dress Code Policy January 2016

Corporate Governance, Communications and Finance

Counter Fraud Policy May 2015

Decision Making Framework May 2018

Declarations of Interest, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Policy January 2017

Developing Position Statements for Public Health Wales Process November 2016

Intellectual Property Policy October 2009

Joint Working Framework January 2018

Policies, Procedures and Other Written Control Documents Management Policy September 2016

Policies, Procedures and Other Written Control Documents Management Procedure September 2016

Protocol for Nominating Public Health Wales Staff for Honours June 2017

Public Health Wales Standing Orders

Research Misconduct and Fraud Procedure May 2014

Social Media Policy March 2016

Welsh Language Scheme Under review following the introduction of Welsh Language Standards

Standing Financial Instructions March 2014

Lease Policy and Procedure (NHS Wales) June 2016

Claiming Travel and Study Leave Expenses

Salary Overpayments and Underpayments Recovery Policy May 2018

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Adults at Risk Procedure October 2018

Children at Risk Procedure October 2018

Managing Allegation of Abuse by Staff Procedure October 2018

Prevent Policy and Referral Process April 2016

Safeguarding Policy October 2018

Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Procedure October 2018