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Sources of support

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that we live our lives. Some of us have also lost people who are close to us.
Telephone helplines Online courses 

Most of us will feel that our mental wellbeing has been negatively impacted by the pandemic because it may have affected the time we can spend with our friends and family, it may have affected our ability to do the things we enjoy, and it may have caused stress and worry about jobs or money.

It’s important to recognise  that feeling this way is a normal response to the situation. We can also take steps to make time for the things that make us feel better; find new ways to connect with our friends and family; spend time outdoors being active. Our How Are You Doing site provides ideas and examples. 

For some people the negative thoughts and feelings are stronger and more difficult to shake off, they stay with them all of the time. This may be a sign that their mental health is being affected and may be a sign that they need some help.

Some of the signs might be that:

  • You are irritable and easily agitated
  • You find it difficult to sleep
  • You may be tearful for no good reason
  • You may be feeling anxious or worried all of the time
  • You may not enjoy the things you normally do

There is a lot of help available, you do not need to cope on your own. The following information sets out the help that is available in Wales. You may feel you want to speak to someone using one of the helplines, or you may feel more comfortable using one of the online courses. The choice is up to you. Talking does help and finding someone to talk to about how you are feeling can make a real difference.

If you are worried that you may not be able to keep yourself safe or worried that someone else may need urgent help you should contact your GP or call 999 for expert help.

Telephone helplines

There are a range of telephone helplines that will provide support and advice and will not judge you.

ACTivate Your Life

This course can help you to take greater control of your actions, so that day-to-day life becomes less distressing and more enjoyable. You will learn practical and effective ways of dealing with thoughts and feelings that may be causing distress. 

Silver Cloud

This course offers a different range of programmes based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to empower you to develop skills to manage your psychological wellbeing with more confidence, from the convenience of your own location and in your own time. You will receive fortnightly reviews remotely which will be scheduled with your Online CBT Coordinator to support you through the programme. 

MIND Active Monitoring Wales 

This six-week guided self-help course offers help to manage anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress, feeling alone, managing anger, and grief and loss. Each week, an Active Monitoring Practitioner will send information and workbooks and call to offer support and guidance.

Talking Matters

Talking matters and Time to Change Wales has a helpful guide for starting and carrying on a conversation about yours or someone else’s mental health. If you or someone else needs help, please reach out today or call one of the numbers above.

Staying connected?

At times of stress, it’s important to draw on your support network – this could be your family, friends, work colleagues or your wider community.

Keeping physically well

Taking care of your body helps care for your mind. Making small, gradual changes can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.