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COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy

A guide for all women who are planning a pregnancy, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Updated: December 2021

COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the UK have been shown to be effective and have a good safety record. It is important that pregnant women are fully vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves and their babies.



More information

You can find out more information about COVID-19 vaccines, including their contents and possible side effects at:

Further information and patient leaflets can be found at:

You can report suspected side effects online at or by downloading the Yellow Card app.

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Information and decision aid to support women make an informed choice about COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy:  English Welsh  [Uploaded 16 December 2021] 

Infographic - Key information on COVID-19 in Pregnancy UKOSS, December 2021  English  | Welsh pending  [Added 22 December 2021]


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