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Who is screened?

•    Women of 50 years of age and over are eligible for breast screening.
•    Women aged between 50 to 70 are invited automatically.
•    Women may be 52 years of age by the time they receive their first appointment.
•    BTW aims to offer screening every three years.

We identify women from their GPs’ lists so it is important that your doctor always has your correct name and address. 

We invite each doctor’s practice in turn. You will not necessarily get your invitation in the year that you turn 50. As long as you are registered with a doctor, we will invite you for breast screening before your 53rd birthday.

Women aged between 50 and 70 who are being followed up at a hospital breast clinic will still receive an invitation from Breast Test Wales unless they ask us to stop sending them.

We may also send an invitation to women who have had a bilateral mastectomy (both breasts removed) if we have not been told by them or their doctor about this.