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Findings - Place

Non-intentional water-related fatalities by location of incident and location of residence

Over half (33 out of 62, 53%) of the non-intentional water-related fatality incidents occurred in five local authority areas: Pembrokeshire (10), Gwynedd (seven), Conwy (six) Powys (five) and Vale of Glamorgan (five). There were fewer than five fatality incidents in each of the 17 other local authority areas in Wales.

Location of residence was only available for children under 18 years of age. Eight out of 26 children under 18 years of age (31%) were residents outside of Wales. The majority (94%) of the 18 Welsh resident children resided in the same local authority in which the incident occurred.

Non-intentional water-related fatalities by location type 

Over a third of the non-intentional water-related fatalities occurred in a river (22 out of 62), a third occurred at the coast, shore, or beach (21 out of 62), and one in 10 occurred in a bath, jacuzzi or hot-tub (six out of 62) (fig.2). Thirteen fatalities occurred in other locations, including ponds, lakes, reservoirs, quarries, docks, pools or at sea. 

Fig 7. Count of non-intentional water-related fatalities in children and young people, Wales, 2013-22, by location type. (Produced by CDRP, using CDRP and WAID data).