What happens to my test once it has been looked at?

If your screening test showed that there was no high risk Human papillomavirus (hrHPV) in the sample, then your sample will not be kept.

If your screening test shows that high risk HPV was found, then the laboratory will make a slide of the cells in the sample. The slide will be kept for at least 10 years.

The laboratory can compare your latest test result with the ones that you have had before. This is to make sure that you get any treatment you may need. We may review all screening records, including your sample, as part of our aim to offer a quality service and to help increase the expertise of our specialist staff.

If a review were to show that you should be cared for differently, we would contact you. We would offer you information about the review of your case if you wanted to know it. We may also use your sample for teaching or for research purposes. This would not use your name. If you are unhappy about this, please let your smear taker know.