I've had a hysterectomy – why am I still being invited for screening?

Sometimes we do not know that you have had a hysterectomy, so we continue to invite you for smears. Your GP can tell us and we can stop sending the invitations.

A hysterectomy removes the uterus (womb) and this usually includes the cervix (neck of the womb); this is called a ‘total hysterectomy’. In some circumstances the cervix may be left in place – this is called a subtotal hysterectomy. If you have had a sub-total hysterectomy you should continue having cervical screening tests. Your doctor will be able to tell you what type of hysterectomy you have had.

After a total hysterectomy you would not normally need any further smears. Some women may need a single follow-up test – if you need this your gynaecologist will let you know.