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People and Organisational Development Committee

This Committee advises the board on all matters relating to staff and staffing of the Trust. It provides assurance about individual and organisational development, workforce planning; as well as the Welsh language, equality, diversity, human rights and health, safety and welfare. It has established the Health and Safety Group to carry out specific duties on its behalf.

View / download the Terms of Reference and Membership for the People & Organisational Development Committee.


The Committee meets on a quarterly basis and otherwise as the Chair of the Committee deems necessary. Meeting dates for the People and Organisational Development Committee are given below.


Papers for meetings of the People and Organisational Development Committee prior to April 2021 can be viewed / downloaded from the People and Organisational Development Committee Papers.


Who's who

(Minimum of three)
Chair Mohammed Mehmet
Independent Members

Dyfed Edwards

Judi Rhys

In attendance
Acting Director of People and Organisational Development (Lead Executive) Neil Lewis
Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Operations and Finance (Executive Lead for Health and Safety)     Huw George
Executive Director of Quality, Nursing and Allied Professionals Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood
National Director Health Protection and Screening Services, and Medical Director TBC
Board Secretary and Head of Board Business Unit                    (or their nominee) Helen Bushell
Representatives from Staff Partnership Forum     Stephanie Wilkins