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Alcohol in Wales (2019)

Alcohol in Wales is an interactive profile including an overview of the pattern of alcohol consumption and its impacts along with the option to explore consumption, hospital admission and mortality data in further depth at the health board and local authority level. In addition, an evidence map provides structured access to high-level evidence sources on the topic of alcohol misuse. The profile has been created to support the development of plans to deliver on the objectives set out in the Public Health Wales Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP).

Information is presented across a series of tabs to allow you to navigate to the area of interest:

Explore Data Further

The profile contains the following data:

  • Overview – includes indicators showing international comparisons and societal and health costs of alcohol
  • Consumption - includes breakdowns by geography and individual characteristics for drinking above guidelines
  • Hospital admissions – local authority and health board level data and trends for:
    • Alcohol-specific admissions
    • Alcohol-specific admissions in under 18s
    • Alcohol-attributable admissions – broad and narrow definitions
  • Mortality - local authority and health board level data and trends for:
    • Alcohol-specific mortality
    • Alcohol-attributable mortality
    • Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis mortality
  • Evidence map - based on the alcohol theory of change the map explores the evidence surrounding interventions that aim to prevent and reduce alcohol related harm.

Access The Data

The profile includes download options and each indicator contains a ‘Show more details’ checkbox to allow you to view further information on indicators. This replaces the technical guide that usually accompanies Observatory publications.

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