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Wellness in work - supporting people in work and assisting people to return to the workforce: An economic evidence review


The rise in economic inactivity due to ill health (2022)


Employer & Employee Needs Assessment Tools (2022)


How employers in Wales responded to the Covid-19 pandemic (2022)


Employer attitudes to employee health and work (2021)


Employer attitudes to employee health and work (2019)



The Work and Employment Landscape in Wales 2019-30 (draft)

This report, dated September 2019, considers what the landscape of work and employment looks like in Wales and how it might change over the next decade up to 2030.  Written to inform Healthy Working Wales programme delivery and how we might respond to the trends and changes identified, the report was not finalised or formally published due to interruption in our work created by the public health response to the pandemic.  We are making the final draft available as a valuable source of data and intend to update it and publish a revised, final version in spring 2022.