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Responsibilities of the Verifier

Verifiers have to:

  • Complete the UKPHR Verifier training. 
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate verification panel
  • Check that the processes towards registration has been undertaken correctly
  • Retain a copy of the completed Practitioner application for registration with the UKPHR for three months


To be a Verifier you must be a public health specialist registered with the GMC, GDC or UKPHR, in good standing, and to have held a consultant or specialist post for three years.  

Time Commitments:

You will be required to attend a half day training provided by the UKPHR.  You will need to attend 2-3 verification panels per year, and 1 – 2 half day workshops per year.

Benefits of being a Verifier:

  • UKPHR certificated training contributes to CPD – ‘guardian of practitioners standards’, on-going training
  • Increases  appreciation of how the full range and scope of public health knowledge and skills are applied to the implementation of public health interventions at practitioner level
  • Broadens your appreciation of public health roles, services and interventions in other areas – both geographical and service area
  • Informs how you support your own workforce and the career development of those you manage