A mentor is linked to each practitioner, to support them on their journey to registration. 

Responsibilities of the mentor:

  • Establish a supportive relationship with the practitioner
  • Act as a ‘critical friend’, providing advice and information to the practitioner, particularly on commentary writing and selection of evidence
  • Encourage the practitioner to see the programme through to the end


To be a mentor you need to be a registered Public Health Practitioner, and have a willingness to help other practitioners through the registration process.

Time commitments:

Mentors are not generally required to provide mentoring support to more than one practitioner at a time.  Practitioners vary in the length of time they take to complete the programme, but it is usually a minimum of a year and often longer.  Support can be provided in whatever format is most helpful (eg face to face, written, over the telephone) subject to agreement between the practitioner and mentor.