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Responsibilities of the Assessor:

  • successfully complete the UKPHR Assessor training
  • be skilled in assessing evidence submitted by applicants
  • be thoroughly conversant with the public health practitioner standards
  • sign off all standards as being met and pass applications for verification to appointed verifier


To be an Assessor you need to be a health professional with two years of senior level public health experience. 

Time Commitments:

Assessors are required to attend   1.5 days training, delivered by the UKPHR.  They are not generally expected to assess more than two practitioners per year, and each should take no more than 12 hours.   Assessors are also invited to annual refresher training sessions.

Benefits of being an Assessor:

UKPHR certificated training and appraisal that can contribute to your continuing professional development

Enhances understanding of how the full range and scope of public health knowledge and skills are applied to the implementation of public health interventions by practitioners

Broadens appreciation of public health agendas, policies, roles, services and interventions in other areas – both geographical and service area