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Toxoplasma Reference Unit

Scientific Lead: Professor Edward Guy (


  • Laboratory investigation of Toxoplasma infection
  • IgG & IgM (Sabin-Feldman Dye Test - DT)
  • IgM EIA
  • IgM/IgA Immunosorbent Agglutination Assay (ISAGA)
  • IgG Avidity
  • Molecular Diagnosis (PCR)
  • Enhanced Immunohisto-staining
  • Molecular typing of toxoplasma
  • Advice on individual patient management
  • Advice on risk and risk-reduction


Current Research Projects

  • Genome enrichment for WGS
  • European standardisation of management of Toxoplasmosis in the immunocompromised
Support for Quality Control/Quality Assurance schemes

WHO – The new Toxoplasma DNA Control (which will be the first of its kind for toxoplasma) has been successfully developed and rolled-out by TRU with its partner, NIBSC.

NEQAS – TRU continues to co-organise and support the NEQAS toxoplasma serology scheme.