Working unsocial or additional hours in support of the enhanced response

Return to normal expenses and overtime arrangements from 1 September 2020

During these early months of the response to COVID-19 pandemic, we have been grateful for the work and flexibility of everyone in the organisation. To reflect our enhanced levels of activity, we introduced additional overtime provisions and extended circumstances for the reimbursement of travel time and other travel expenses.

We believe that the time has now come to review this position and return to normal expenses and overtime arrangements, with effect from 1 September 2020.

For the majority of staff this will be a return to normal contractual arrangements as set out in Agenda for Change terms and conditions. At the same time, Medical Consultants and SAS Doctors will also return to their normal contractual entitlements in relation to additional hours or out of hours work. Any local arrangements that were in place before our COVID-19 response will remain.

Staff will no longer be able to claim for travel time when making additional journeys to the workplace to support the response. However, staff are able to claim excess business mileage for journeys to other workplaces in line with their normal contractual arrangements. The HR information section on the new staff information webpage will be updated to reflect this position.

It is important that we all work to achieve a better balance between our work and home lives and we think that it is now possible for most of us to work within our contracted hours. We also appreciate that this will not be the case for everyone and we will continue to consider exceptional claims for TOIL and/or overtime. Whilst some staff will continue to be either paid for overtime or take TOIL, we would encourage staff to take TOIL wherever possible - we want to ensure that a sensible balance is struck between home life and work life.