Update from Gold

Quentin Sandifer provides an update from the Gold meeting of 24 September

This is the first in a new weekly update from Gold meetings so you can all understand what was discussed and the key issues. 

On weeks where Gold meets, the update will be from Quentin Sandifer, Chair of Gold. On weeks where Gold and the Business Executive Team (BET) meet, there will be one update from Tracey which will cover both meetings. For more information on what Gold meetings are and how decisions are made, read here: How decisions are made(Internet news item 9 Sep 2020).


As you’ll have seen through our daily reporting, the number of cases have continued to increase. That being said we feel confident that our current management and governance arrangements allow us to continue to respond appropriately. This includes remaining at an enhanced response, with Gold Command as the point of escalation and decision. 

Staff across the whole organisation will know and feel that the demands of the response have not diminished. I want to reiterate that our response to the pandemic remains the first priority of the organisation at this time. Staff will remain mobilised for the time being and as we look at restarting essential services such as screening, the workforce team is carefully assessing the implications for both substantive teams and for individuals who are mobilised. 

At this point I would like to thank staff who have taken on roles outside of their regular duties. Some of you have taken on completely new roles, forming new teams to respond with agility and pace. And some of you continue to balance your substantive posts with part time working in the call centre and in other parts of the response. I appreciate that this has been challenging for many of you. I must say, you have done this with determination and have shown great resilience and I am very grateful to all of you. 

Finally, and for information, we are constantly looking to refine our approach across all ways of working. This includes the way that we share and publish surveillance data. Working with Welsh Government, we are in the process of changing some of these reporting arrangements and I hope to be able to share more details later this week.