Tell Us How You Are Doing

The second staff wellbeing survey is live now

We invite and encourage all colleagues to participate in our second Tell Us How You Are Doing internal staff survey.

Peta Beynon, Employee Experience lead, explained a little more about the survey and its development.

“We are so grateful to everyone who participates in our staff surveys. For just 10-15 minutes each, it gives the Executive Team and other senior staff, powerful information on your wellbeing and how engaged colleagues are and affords us the opportunity to make things better. 

“This time, we’ve worked in partnership with colleagues in Research and Evaluation to ensure we’re getting the most out of the information you give, shaping questions slightly differently and using validated tools to measure wellbeing and effective team work.  

“This two way communications really helps us focus on the issues that matter to you and shape key areas of the organisation based on your feedback. Please be assured your responses are completely anonymous and will be treated with confidentiality.”

Lisa Whiteman, Interim Assistant Director of OD/Learning said: “The first survey ran in May this year and we were delighted so many colleagues took part. 

“It was intentionally quite limited in scope; we wanted it to be a short check in and to give us some valuable information on what was working, what needed to improve and, most importantly, how you were feeling. 

“The Executive Team have spent time considering the results and using them to understand how you are feeling, what practices are working well and areas we need to improve on.

“You will have seen in the months following the survey that we have used what you have told us to feedback on our work in areas such as making the buildings safer, making information more accessible and flexible working.

Now is the right time to check in with you all again and go a bit further into matters which affect our wellbeing.”

You said, we did:

Since the first survey, each directorate (and some divisions) have nominated a lead for wellbeing and engagement, who are responsible for developing and taking forward action plans relevant to their specific area.  The leads come together as a group every month, chaired rotationally by Neil Lewis, Acting Director of People and OD and Sian Bolton, Interim Director of Knowledge, with the first meeting taking place this week. 

Additional action taken across the organisation based on the feedback you gave include:

  • Sharing regular updates on how we are making our buildings a safe place to work.
  • Creating and sharing a ‘where you work’ section on the staff information page, giving quick and accessible information to staff to assure them of safe practises at home or on site
  • Improved the layout of the staff information page and removed the need to enter a password
  • Addressing flexible working through many leadership videos to demonstrate the organisation’s position on working at home.
  • Developed more guidance for staff and managers on flexibility, making adjustments and boundaries
  • Clarified the roles and responsibilities of managers, staff and temporary managers/supervisors in redeployment situations
  • Undertaken a short pulse survey to help us understand more about how you use the wellbeing resources available

Tell Us How You Are Doing will run from Thursday 17 September until Monday 5 October.