Summer Childcare Subsidy Scheme – Update

The People and Organisational Development Team are keen to determine demand for support towards summer childcare costs.

For some time, Public Health Wales has supported colleagues in paying for registered childcare during the summer school holidays whilst they’re in work, up to a maximum amount and subject to eligibility.  The subsidy itself is funded through savings achieved by the Childcare Voucher salary sacrifice; this year, many parents have understandably opted to reduce the amount they pay into the childcare voucher scheme as providers closed and/or reduced their services during lockdown which means there is far less funding available from which to support the holiday subsidy.

Lisa Whiteman, Interim Assistant Director of OD and Learning, said:

“As mentioned in Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood’s latest update, we know that childcare provision during this summer holiday will vary by local authority, by provider and by individual circumstances so we are facing a number of moving parts. 

“We also understand that the usual way that this scheme is funded has been hugely affected by adjustments to salary sacrifices individuals choose to make.

“However, to help us explore all other potential routes, we’re keen to understand exactly what the demand and subsequent likely costs will be for this year. 

“Eligible colleagues are asked to send details to People Support Plus by close of business Tuesday 21 July and a decision will be made as soon as possible thereafter.”

Full details on eligibility can be found here, with two points to highlight being:

  • Child/ren must be between the ages 3-16, and usually attend part/full time education
  • Childcare providers must be registered and insured

Eligible colleagues are asked to send the following information to People Support Plus by close of day Tuesday 21 July – please note a full application process will apply if the scheme secures funding:

  • Your name
  • Age of child/ren
  • Number of days confirmed childcare between Monday 20th July and Tuesday 1st September
  • Total cost of childcare

Please do not arrange childcare if relying on funding until as decision has been made. Whilst we’re doing everything we can to be able to offer some support, this has not been agreed and we cannot guarantee partial reimbursement.  We respectfully ask that colleagues only register if they really need financial support this year, so we can direct any available funds to those who need it most.

If you have any questions, please contact People Support Plus.