Queries relating to equality and diversity issues

Supporting high-quality, timely and consistent responses

As an organisation, we’re getting a number of important queries about the impact of COVID19 on different parts of the Welsh population. We want to support high-quality, timely and consistent responses to these queries, whoever in Public Health Wales receives them. We are trialling a system to log and coordinate the response to questions from outside of Public Health Wales relating to equality and diversity issues.

To support you, the Stakeholder cell will be on hand to gather information from different parts of our organisation to respond to queries that are:

a) From an organisation/institution outside of Public Health Wales. Examples include charities, professional bodies, local authorities, other NHS organisations, Welsh Government. (Please note individual queries, such as from members of the public, should be managed via the contact centre.)

b) About people who have a protected characteristics in common or who are in ‘seldom heard’ groups. Examples include older or younger people, disabled people or people with long-term conditions, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups, LGBT+ groups, socio-economically deprived households and more.

Anyone in Public Health Wales can forward queries they receive like these to PHW.Covid19Comms@wales.nhs.uk. We will log the query, keep the person who wrote to you informed about when they can expect a response, and ensure the response they receive is consistent with the most up-to-date information available.

You may receive enquiries relating to equality and the impact of COVID-19 that you are best placed to answer yourself. Please include PHW.Covid19Comms@wales.nhs.uk in your response. We will log this and be able to use your expertise in any similar queries that arise.

This system not only helps us as an organisation to ensure consistently high-quality contact with other organisations. We can also use it to capture, track and analyse the types of contact we’re getting on issues relating to equality and diversity, which complements our work to understand the experiences of our service users. This will help us prepare for issues on the horizon and celebrate the whole organisation’s impact for the diverse Welsh population.

You may receive a request for information from the team managing this system and we would be grateful for your support in this. We will be trialling this approach through the current phase of the pandemic response and reviewing in the next month.

Equality Query Flowchart