MS Teams Survey results

Initial results on current uptake level of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform being rolled out across NHS Wales to support remote working and collaboration moving forward. Teams will replace Skype for Business which is being phased out over the next year.

Teams is available for Public Health Wales to download now, so we recently put out a short survey to understand the levels of usage amongst staff so far.

We had 300 staff members respond to this initial survey, where the main objectives from were:

  • To establish what the current uptake level of Microsoft Teams is across the organisation
  • To identify the main barriers for using Teams to help shape our key messages for an awareness campaign

Out of those staff who have already downloaded Teams, 80% are actively using it, mostly for the call and chat function so far. The vast majority have downloaded the desktop app rather than the mobile version.

Whilst there is good uptake of Teams, work needs to be done to overcome some common download and usage barriers.

We’re now working to get all of the information into a user friendly format and all in one place, to make it as easy as possible for you to get yourself up and running on Teams. If you have any ideas on something you would particularly like to see as a part of this work, please email the Communications Team with ‘MS Teams’ in the subject.