Join the Randomised Coffee Trial

Grab a virtual coffee and meet new colleagues

We’re bringing staff together to break the mould of silo working, encourage collaborations and to help reduce possible isolation in these Covid times!

Given the success of a Randomised Coffee Trial pilot which was held within Public Health Wales at the end of 2019, we’re announcing the roll-out of the Randomised Coffee Trial on a wider basis.

We want to get you out from behind your virtual desk for a shared learning experience with the Randomised Coffee Trials. We’re giving staff the opportunity to get together and step away from silo working to enable new collaborations.

Ten years ago NESTA, an innovation foundation, introduced the Randomised Coffee Trial, an initiative to introduce the spread of good practice and reduce silo working. There are no rules about what people talk about, the principle being to create connections, as NESTA report:

“It is just a coffee, but at the same time it is much more.

“Randomised Coffee Trials give staff from across the organisation an ‘excuse’, an opportunity to meet, catch up and build connections with the people around them.

“This has resulted in staff from different departments learning about unexpected synergies between their work, as well as created an increased level of comfort for subsequently approaching others regarding potential collaborations.”

Thanks to the hard work from Genevieve Riley, Mark Griffiths and Jon Brassey we are looking to start rolling this out in August/September. If you’re interested in participating please send an email to Jon Brassey - Don’t worry about where you work, virtual Randomised Coffee Trials, via Skype/Teams work really well.

Participants overwhelmingly reported that the trial helped them learn something new and in most cases this was knowledge they could apply in their work. Staff commented that the opportunity ‘makes it a more enjoyable place to work’, with participants finding connections between their meeting partners’ role and a piece of work they had supported or delivered that could be of use to one another.

Some comments from the participants included: