How are decisions made?

We’ve set out how decisions regarding our response to COVID-19 and our recovery are made.

In line with the Public Health Wales Emergency Response Plan, we have revised our governance structure that is in place for decisions regarding our organisational response to COVID-19.


Our Board remains accountable for setting strategic direction, setting the culture and tone for the organisation, ensuring that effective governance and risk management arrangements are in place, and monitoring performance in the effective delivery of the our strategic plan. Whilst the focus has been COVID-19 over recent months, the Board has continued to fulfil its full role, making adjustments as we have gone along.

Since February 2020 the Board has met virtually on a monthly basis and last month, live streaming of the Board resumed using Microsoft Teams. For updates of the Board’s recent meetings please read Jan and Kate’s monthly messages and a recent message from Board Secretary Helen Bushell.


Business Executive Team or BET

The Business Executive Team, or BET as it is commonly referred to, is chaired by Tracey Cooper and is made up of the Executive Team and Board Secretary. It meets to consider issues and make decisions that impact the organisation as a whole. 

Prior to COVID-19, BET met on a monthly basis and was paused during April and May. Since June it has been reactivated and meeting fortnightly.

Its role includes:

  • Receiving reports from Gold about the management of the pandemic and delivery of the organisation’s Implementation Plan;
  • Considering Public Health Wales’ plans for recovery and how to define and develop what the organisation will look like in the future – a ‘new (organisational) normal’
  • Considering proposals and progress reports on re-starting of core services. Agree what services within Public Health Wales should be re-started 
  • Considering normal, business as usual activity including risk, performance reporting, staff wellbeing, finances, Board work plan and Board committee requirements.



The Public Health Wales Gold group is set up in accordance with the Public Health Wales Emergency Response Plan.

Chaired by Dr Quentin Sandifer, the purpose of the group is to provide strategic oversight and direction to the response to COVID-19.

The Gold Group takes overall responsibility for the management of an incident and establishes a strategic framework within which other levels of response will work.

The objectives of the group are:

  1. Continue to monitor and assess the risks to Public Health in Wales to enable appropriate professional Public Health support and advice;
  2. Provide leadership and specialist advice on Public Health approaches;
  3. Coordinate and enable the delivery of the Public Health protection response in the next phase of the pandemic (that Public Health Wales is responsible for);
  4. Support the organisation in meeting its wider Public Health responsibilities.

The Incident Directors for the response are in attendance and are key people involved in the decision making process.