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Can I adjust my working hours to avoid main commuting times and if so will be still be paid at 37.5hrs?

The key principle of the Flexible Working policy is that we will seek to support flexible working practices wherever possible and this needs to be at the heart of your discussions with your line manager during this period. Should you wish to change your working hours on a temporary basis to avoid busier commuting times then, as long as you are continuing to fulfil your full contracted hours, there will be no reduction in pay. For example, this may be making up hours at another time, starting later and finishing later (and vice versa) or considering condensed days if safe and appropriate.

There has been a temporary change to the flexible working policy in that that there is no requirement to complete and submit forms at this time. However please be clear that all flexible arrangements agreed during this period are temporary and do not constitute a change to contract or ‘normal’ working arrangements.