Ask Tracey – Live!

During this time, there will be questions everyone has on topics such as our response to the pandemic, our recovery, the safety of our buildings, what the ‘new normal’ looks like so we will be holding a live Ask Tracey where you can ask your question.

The first session will be taking place on Wednesday 1 July at 1.10pm, and will be streamed live in the staff Facebook group. There are live sessions planned for the first Wednesday of every month.

This is open to all members of Public Health Wales staff. You can send your questions in beforehand to Susan Belfourd ( from the Communications Team but don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to send it over, you can ask your question on the chat during the live streaming.

If you can’t watch the session live, the session will be made available to watch back after and will be linked to from the daily staff briefing.

The staff Facebook group is a closed group open to all staff. When you request to join, you will be asked three questions which you must answer to ensure only Public Health Wales staff are in the group.