An update on what we are doing to keep you safe while working

This update includes advice on working at home safely and links to questions received from staff about returning to work.

The Facilities and Estates Team have been working hard to ensure that staff are safe when working – either in a Public Health Wales building or at home.

In buildings where groups of staff need to be in – such as the Contact Centre in CQ2 – measures have been put in place to ensure social distancing is adhered to and work station cleaning products and hand sanitising equipment is readily available.

Work continues to look at all Public Health Wales run buildings, as services such as Cervical Screening are reactivated, to ensure that staff can work safely, without the risk of spreading infection and maintaining social distancing.

To ensure safe and comfortable homeworking, a formal system for requesting additional IT equipment such as monitors and keyboards was developed and this has seen a large uptake with approximately 147 requests from staff. The system is still in place and anyone requiring the following should email

  • A monitor
  • Keyboards
  • Mouse
  • Office chairs – following the review of a completed DSE assessment

Staff are also being asked to complete a DSE assessment at home to ensure that their working areas are set up correctly. The team have produced this presentation to show how this can be done.

Assessments need to be completed and returned to where they can be triaged and any staff who need additional support will be contacted by a trained DSE assessor.

Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood, Strategic Director said: “Our guidance to all staff remains the same as it did at the start of lockdown – all staff who can work from home must continue to do so.

“We know that for some of you this can be difficult and the recent wellbeing survey results showed that some of you are feeling socially isolated but this guidance remains to protect the health of all our staff.

“By reducing the number of people in our buildings, we are minimising the risk of spreading the infection and we are enabling social distancing to happen for those who have to be in the buildings.

“It also allows our facilities and estates team and others to prepare the buildings for the new ways of working that we will have to adopt because of the pandemic.

“Please ensure that you look at the advice offered to ensure you are working as safely as possible and access our wellbeing support information.”

Frequently asked questions have been developed to address any queries staff have about working arrangements going forward.