Adapting the way Wellbeing Wednesdays will work

We recognise we need to respond to the rapid changes we’re all facing at both work and home. With that in mind, we know we need to regularly refresh our content we so that it is interesting, varied and what you want to read.

We’re adapting the way Wellbeing Wednesdays will work so they take on a more interactive approach, paying close and intuitive attention to what you want as members of staff, and this includes asking you to get involved.

In order to continue to provide topics that you want to see, we’re going to move to a pilot of fortnightly Wellbeing Wednesdays in the next few weeks. We’re trying this approach so we can ensure that you’ll be seeing stories from your own colleagues, sharing tips on how they manage their wellbeing, and providing their stories and experiences from which we can all learn.

We’ve listened to what you’ve said in the recent survey about providing regular, positive stories from people working at Public Health Wales, both expert views and your own stories. We are also working on making it easier for you to find the right information to support your wellbeing.

One of our key aims has been to support the How are you doing? campaign and we’ve signposted to most of these topic areas, with info produced specifically for you featuring in the staff wellbeing page.

Jane Rees, Employee Wellbeing Manager said:

“We all have a duty to look after each other and work together to keep ourselves happy and healthy.

“As an organisation it is our responsibility to support your wellbeing, especially during a time it’s more likely that we are facing challenges.”

Look out for more information on when the new format will start, and how you can share the topics you’d like to see.