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If you are a Key Worker who has had a POSITIVE test result for COVID-19 infection but have never had any symptoms:

  • You might have had a very mild illness in the recent past
  • You might have been tested just before developing symptoms
  • You may never develop any symptoms

Even though you have not had symptoms, you can still pass the virus to others. You must still follow the ‘Self-isolation’ and ‘Return to Work’ advice outlined above in ‘If you are a Key worker and have received a POSITIVE test result for COVID-19 Infection’

The date your COVID-19 test was taken should be used as the first day of the 10 day self-isolation period.  If you subsequently develop symptoms within that 10 days, then use the date of onset of your symptoms as the first day of your self-isolation period.  The same date (either your test date or the date of onset of your new symptoms) is used as the first day of the 14 day isolation period for your household members.

Recurrent Symptoms

COVID-19 is a new infection, and we are discovering more about it over time.  At the moment, we do not know if you can get COVID-19 again after recovering from it.

Therefore, if you develop further symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the current advice is that you and your household should self-isolate again and you may request a further test.