If you (as a household member of a key worker) have had a NEGATIVE test result for COVID-19 infection:

1. Persons identified as contacts of COVID-19

If you have been spoken to or identified as a contact of a case of COVID-19 and are within your 14 day self-isolation period, please continue to follow the advice on https://gov.wales/test-trace-protect-coronavirus  

Despite a negative test (with symptoms or without), you must continue to self-isolate until the 14 day incubation period is over.  

If you subsequently become unwell after the 14 day incubation period, you should self-isolate again, and may need a further test.

2. Persons without a known contact of COVID-19

Your negative test does not conclusively rule out infection due to COVID-19, but means that it is more likely that your symptoms were due to a different infection, such as influenza or other bugs that cause coughs and colds. It is important that you do not pass on these infections either, and should continue to self-isolate until you are better.

If you subsequently become unwell again, you should self-isolate, and may need a further test.

If you have had a NEGATIVE test result but have never had any symptoms, there is no need to self-isolate.  If you subsequently become unwell, you should self-isolate, and may need a further test.

The key worker in your household may return to work, but if they (the key worker) then develop symptoms, they must self-isolate immediately, and contact their designated testing centre to be assessed for a test themselves.

The key worker’s employing organisation, who arranged your test, must be informed that you have your test result.  The key worker should liaise with their employer regarding sick leave and return to work, based on the result of your test and their own health status.  This may include an occupational health assessment.