What will happen if I go into labour when I have suspected or confirmed coronavirus?

When you go into labour you should call your maternity unit for advice and inform them that you have suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection.

When you and your maternity team decide you need to attend the maternity unit, general recommendations about hospital attendance will apply:

  • You will be advised to attend hospital via private transport where possible, call NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47 (or 111 if available in your area)/999 for advice, as appropriate.
  • You will be met at the maternity unit entrance and provided with a face mask, which will need to stay on until you are isolated in a suitable room
  • Coronavirus testing will be arranged if needed
  • Your birth partner will be able to stay with you for the birth, but visitors may not be permitted. You can discuss the latest guidance on birth partners and visitors with your midwife as your due date approaches. 

Your maternity team have been advised on ways to ensure that you and your baby receive safe, high quality care, respecting your birth choices as closely as possible.