Can I still attend my antenatal appointments?

Yes, you should attend all your antenatal appointments and it is great to see that a lot of people still are. Attending your antenatal appointments is important as it can reduce the risk of harm to you and your baby. You can also still attend your appointment to get your whooping cough vaccination at between 16 and 32 weeks.

If you are pregnant and have symptoms of coronavirus, do not visit the clinic if you have an appointment during your isolation period. Please contact your midwife and let them know. They will advise you and make a plan for your appointment.  This may include rearranging an appointment, conducting it with different staff or conducting it over the telephone.

Unfortunately, because of the current situation, your partner will not be able to attend your antenatal appointments or scans with you. There will be an opportunity to discuss with your midwife and sonographer about ways of including your partner in some of the discussions at your antenatal appointments and following on from the scan.  

We recommend that you keep in contact with your midwife/maternity team and continue to attend your scheduled routine care to keep you and your baby healthy.  Lots of people find it useful to check for service updates on the maternity service pages of their Health Board’s website.