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What should I advise patients regarding fever and COVID-19 after a vaccine?

Advise patients that any vaccine may cause a mild fever (normally less than 38°C) which usually resolves within 24-48 hours for most vaccines. Exceptions include MMR, when a fever may occur 6 to 11 days after vaccination, and MenB vaccine (Bexsero) when a high fever is more common especially when given with other vaccines.

 As post vaccination fever is a common and expected reaction, isolation and COVID-19 testing is not usually required unless other symptoms mean COVID-19 is suspected. Coronavirus symptoms include a high fever, a new continuous cough and a loss of taste or smell, although children do not always present with commonly reported symptoms.  

 Any fever after vaccination should be monitored and if the individual (or parent or carer as appropriate) is concerned about their health, or their child’s health, at any time they should seek advice by phoning NHS Direct Wales on 111 or their GP.

If you are a social care worker (care home /domiciliary care team) and had your COVID -19 vaccination within the past 48 hours and now feel unwell with a high temperature then see the question below. [23/09/20, updated 31/12/20]