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I am a frontline healthcare or social care worker (care home / domiciliary care team) and I had my COVID-19 vaccination within the past 48 hours. I now have a high temperature and feel generally unwell. What should I do?

Side-effects, including mild fever and general malaise, are common following vaccination and usually resolve within 24-48 hours.

However, as rates of COVID-19 in Wales remain high at present, there is a possibility that new symptoms are due to infection with COVID-19 acquired in the days prior to vaccination.

As you work with a particularly vulnerable group to protect those you care for, if you have a temperature over 37.8°C and feel generally unwell you must:

a) inform your manager
b) stay home from work and self-isolate
c) arrange a COVID-19 test

You and your household members must remain in isolation at least until you know the results of your test.

If it is a negative result, you are recovered, and no-one else in your household has developed any symptoms that might be COVID-19 related – you can return to work.

If it is a positive test result, then you and your household must complete 10 days isolation, as advised by the Test Trace Protect (TTP) Team. If, after 10 days, you are well you may return to work. (31/12/20)