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Can teams attend and offer vaccination at a care home where there are positive cases of COVID-19?

If a care home has only one case of COVID-19 infection in a resident or staff member, other residents and care home staff may be offered vaccination subject to local public health advice.

Individuals who have new symptoms of COVID-19 or are positive would not be eligible for vaccination. Vaccination should be deferred until they have recovered and at least four weeks after onset of symptoms, or self-isolation is complete.

If a staff member is found to be positive via the regular asymptomatic testing regimen prior to the planned vaccination visits, a repeat test using PCR should be done as soon as possible to assess if this is a false positive finding or not. If the repeat test is negative the staff member and any contacts can be offered vaccination as long as they remain asymptomatic. Deferral of appointment may be necessary whilst repeat testing is undertaken.

If a care home has more than one case in an ongoing outbreak or incident, residents who are symptomatic or test positive would not be eligible for vaccination as above. A risk assessment would need to be undertaken to assess whether or not the outbreak / incident is segregated sufficiently for other residents and care home staff to be offered vaccination or if safer to schedule the vaccinations post end of the outbreak / incident.

Staff attending to deliver the vaccinations would be required to comply with Infection Prevention and Control precautions including use of appropriate PPE. This is in accordance with the Public Health Wales advice note for Personal Protective Equipment in care homes:  (appendix 1) i.e. wear FRSM mask, eye protection (if risk assessed as required), gloves and aprons.  [14/01/2021]