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Screening during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Screening during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Newborn Hearing Screening Wales, Antenatal Screening Wales and the Newborn Bloodspot Screening programme have continued during the Coronavirus pandemic as these all have a short window of time for prompt identification and treatment.  We will try our best to continue although this is dependent on our staffing levels and those of our colleagues in the health boards.

Newborn Hearing Screening Wales are continuing to screen both in hospital and in community clinics, although we do currently have limited clinic venue availability.

Taking part in screening is something you can do to look after you and your baby’s health. 


Keeping safe

We have introduced measures to keep you and your baby and our staff safe when you attend for your screening appointment. These measures may include:

  • Waiting outside until called
  • Staff wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as they will need to be near you (within 2 metres)
  • Being asked to wear a face covering when attending
  • Having fewer people in healthcare buildings – you will probably only see the person taking your test
  • Deep cleaning of equipment and waiting areas
  • Having hand sanitiser available

We would like to reassure you that there will be no change to the screening test itself. 

Remember, to stop the spread of coronavirus do not attend for screening if you or your baby have symptoms of coronavirus, have tested positive, or have been advised to quarantine or self-isolate.

The symptoms of coronavirus are one or more of the following:

  • New continuous cough
  • High temperature
  • Loss of or change to your normal sense of smell or taste

To find out more about COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy visit:

It is really important that you let us know if you and your baby will not be attending your appointment, for whatever reason. We might be able to offer your appointment to someone else.

More information about screening during the coronavirus pandemic

We will contact you by phone or letter to invite your baby to an appointment for their Newborn Hearing Screening.

If you have any concerns or are unsure if you should bring your baby for screening please get in touch. You can call the number on your letter or speak to one of our screeners when they call you.

To find out more about screening and the individual programmes, please visit our website .


Signs and Symptoms

If you are worried about any changes to your baby’s health please do not wait to be invited for screening. It is very important you speak to someone at your GP surgery even if you have had a previous normal screening test.

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