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Quality Manual

1.   Link to Quality System

This section outlines NBHSW’s approach to quality and quality assurance and summarises NBHSW’s management and quality assurance structures and responsibilities.

2.  Link to Objectives

This section sets out the NBHSW objectives that the quality system is designed to meet.

3.  Link to Responsibilities

This section enables an individual to determine which aspects of the quality system they have, or share, overall responsibility for. The section lists each post within NBHSW and screening services which has overall responsibility for ensuring that NBHSW quality standards are met and/or has overall responsibility for ensuring that quality control checks or quality audits are carried out. This section cross refers to sections 4 to 8.

4.  Link to Quality Standards - Human Resources

This section sets out quality standards for NBHSW’s human resources, including establishments, job descriptions, recruitment, selection, training and links to audiology departments and other services.

5.  Link to Quality Standards - Physical Resources

This section sets out quality standards for NBHSW’s physical resources, including accommodation, equipment, publicity materials and information leaflets for parents.

6.  Link to Quality Standards - Operational Procedures

This section sets out quality standards for NBHSW’s operational procedures, including planning the screening programme, screening, assessment and monitoring the process. The administrative procedures for screeners and administrative staff are referenced throughout the operational procedures. It outlines the methods of ensuring a high quality of habilitation through clinical pathways for babies diagnosed by the screening process in the 0 to 2 year age range. It also describes the role of a targeted distraction test and the roles of individuals outwith the screening programme whose support is necessary for a successful programme.

7.  Link to Quality Control

This section sets out how the quality control procedures and checks set out in sections 3 to 6 are met.

8.  Link to quality audit and reports

This section sets out details of the quality audits and reports that take place within NBHSW. Each covers a wide range of procedures, resources and standards.