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Training Films

Film 1

The film ‘Newborn bloodspot screening - the laboratory processes' has been produced for sample takers in Wales.

This film (approximately 5 minutes long) has been updated. It focuses on the process of testing newborn bloodspot screening samples once they are received in the Wales Newborn Screening Laboratory. It also highlights the importance of collecting good quality bloodspots and ensuring that documentation on the cards is complete and accurate.

Film 2

The film 'Newborn bloodspot screening in neonatal units' has been produced for sample takers working in neonatal units in Wales.
This film (approximately 9 minutes long) has been updated. It looks at aspects of newborn bloodspot screening for babies who are being cared for in neonatal units and the additional requirements needed for screening these babies. This film also shows what is required to collect a good quality sample.

Film 3

A film where a community midwife discusses how she improved her practice. This film (approximately 3 minutes long) has been produced by the NHS Newborn Blood Spot Screening Programme, England, and is part of their online learning module on improving bloodspot quality. Please note that the NHS barcoded label shown in this film is not used in Wales.