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Policy and Standards

Policy & Standards

Antenatal Screening Wales has published policies, standards and protocols for antenatal screening delivered by maternity services in Wales since 2005. The recent publication was August 2019.

Antenatal Screening Wales Policy, Standards and Protocols

Performance Indicators

A bi-annual performance monitoring assessment known as performance indicators is undertaken by Antenatal Screening Wales in collaboration with health boards.  This gives information about compliance with Antenatal Screening Wales standards and provides the information on which action plans for improvement should be developed in the health boards.

Antenatal Screening Coordinators, Maternal and Child Governance Leads and Ultrasound Obstetric Leads work closely with ASW to implement and maintain Antenatal Screening Wales standards in their health boards.

Welsh Health Circular

Cessation of rubella screening in pregnancy from the 3rd October 2016

Welsh Health Circular