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Communicable Diseases

Infections and Rashes in Pregnancy: A Guide for Health Professionals

The aim of this document is to provide guidance to Health Professionals on the management of rashes in pregnancy and when serological tests should and should not be offered in pregnancy and which tests may be relevant following specific ultrasound findings.

Reactive Results in Pregnancy

There are separate protocols and factsheets available for HIV reactive, Hepatitis B reactive and Syphilis reactive management.

There is an information for women leaflet, Communicable Disease Reactive Results in Pregnancy, to be provided to the woman at the same time as the result is discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Professionals – Cessation of Antenatal Rubella Screening in Wales.

As agreed by the UK NSC and Welsh Government the antenatal screening programme for rubella susceptibility screening stopped in Wales on 3 October 2016.

The frequently asked questions have been developed for use when giving information to women around the cessation of rubella screening.

There is also a version developed specifically for women which can be found on the Antenatal Screening Wales public website.