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The Safe Care Collaborative

The Safe Care Collaborative is part of the Safe Care Partnership, which is between NHS Wales health boards and trusts, Improvement Cymru and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).  The partnership’s aim is to coach and support health boards and trusts to improve the quality and safety of care across their systems.

The Safe Care Collaborative creates a learning system where organisations test and measure practice innovations and share their experiences to accelerate learning and widespread implementation of best practices for safe care. It brings together teams, coaches, executives and senior leaders for safety from across all the health boards and trusts in Wales to focus on a common aim.

The collaborative provides the opportunity for organisations to learn from each other and from experts in the areas where they want to make improvements. Teams from across Wales are supported to spread and scale improvements by participating in national learning sessions.  They will also receive coaching sessions with IHI and support on site from patient safety leads, and Improvement Cymru.

Using the knowledge gathered from the earlier stages in the Safe Care Partnership (Leading for Patient Safety, Foundational Site Visits and Coaching for Patient Safety), the Safe Care Collaborative focuses on common safety priorities that have been identified across Wales and agreed by health board and trust chief executives.

The Safe Care Collaborative includes the following work streams:

  1. Leadership for patient safety improvement - Working together to support development of the culture and learning system within each health system and across NHS Wales and ensuring that the whole system is working towards common and well aligned goals.
  2. Safe and effective community care - Keeping people safe in community settings through prevention of deterioration and appropriate response to acute health care needs is achieved.
  3. Safe and effective ambulatory care - Keeping people safe in the ambulatory care environment, preventing hospital admissions and treating acute care needs in the most appropriate settings.
  4. Safe and effective acute care - Keeping people safe in hospital, ensuring that structures and processes are robust in response to acute deterioration or concern.

The collaborative focuses on deterioration across the whole pathway from primary to secondary to community care and address deterioration in all populations (children, adults and older people). It uses the Framework for Safe, Effective and Reliable Care to enable organisations to make improvements in the key causes of deterioration including sepsis, infections such as UTI or chest infection, chronic disease, co-morbidities, palliative / end of life, failure to manage complications and unavoidable complications.

Working on the four work streams simultaneously will support system wide learning and impact on safe, reliable and effective care throughout the patient journey.

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