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What Is A Mental Health Condition

What is a Mental Health Condition?

The term mental health condition covers many different conditions. Mood problems are common involving both low mood (depression) and less commonly, over excitable mood (or mania). Anxiety is another common condition , as are more long standing personality disorder problems.

Employers can expect to find, that at any one time, nearly one in six of their workforce can be affected by a mental health condition. It can be difficult to know when ‘stress' turns into a mental health problem, or when existing mental health problems are made worse by stress at work.

There are a variety of treatments available for those suffering from mental health conditions and most people will recover fully in time. The vast majority of people who have experienced a mental health condition continue to work, or return to work, successfully.

The Shaw Trust estimates that Welsh employers could be losing £292 million a year to mental health conditions. Averaging this cost across the Welsh employee population is a cost of around £1,035 per employee. So, a small organisation employing 50 people will typically incur costs of around £50,000 a year because of mental ill health among its employees.

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