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Labs and Research Facilities

Labs and research facilities: Coronavirus workplace guidance

This Welsh Government guidance is intended for indoor research environments such as engineering centres, clean rooms, prototyping centres, wet labs, wind tunnels, computer labs, simulators, material development labs, specialist testing rooms, and similar premises.

This guidance does not apply directly to healthcare settings.

For further information around staying safe and work can be found here.

Further guidance and services

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool

Check if you are at higher risk of more serious symptoms if you come into contact with COVID-19.

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool: guidance

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool guidance for managers and staff.

COVID-19 vaccinations: guidance for employers

Helps employers understand the implications of staff and customer COVID-19 vaccination status.

Providing safer toilets for public use: coronavirus

Welsh Government guidance for the safe management of toilets used by the public during the coronavirus pandemic.