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Staying Safe at Work

Staying Safe at Work

The Welsh Government has published the coronavirus control plan for Wales setting out how we can all work together to manage the risks of coronavirus. It notes that the coronavirus regulations include obligations on people responsible for premises open to the public or where work takes place. 

At the current “alert level 0” there is no legal requirement for any premises to be closed. However there is still a legal requirement for businesses, employers and event organisers to:

  1. Carry out a specific coronavirus workplace risk assessment (Step 1).
  2. Provide information to those entering or working at the premises (Step 2). People should be informed about the risks identified under Step 1 and what is being done to minimise them under Step 3.
  3. Take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to, or spread of, coronavirus (Step 3).


Covid-19 - Keeping the Workplace Safe Podcast

As employers plan a gradual return to the workplace for their employees, how do you ensure that transition is safe? Public Health Consultant lead for Healthy Working Wales, Mary-Ann McKibben talks to Geraint Hardy about proactively managing risk and covers Covid-19 risk assessments, testing and re-testing guidance and how to support those who are anxious to return to the workplace.


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Further COVID-19 Advice and Guidance